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Qatar is a land of opportunity. Job vacancies in Doha, in particular, have been keeping pace with economic growth for several years. Even though the country has recently been faced with various problems, it has rebounded thanks to dynamic companies, especially in terms of job creation.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

The country has been able to anticipate its development, relying in particular on its natural resources. A true oasis for professionals seeking growth and opportunities, Doha is constantly looking for talent to nurture its engineering, education, finance, telecommunications, information technology, hospitality and gastronomy, medical services, media and even sports.
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Why Qatar is the land of opportunities 2020 ?

Boosted by the prospects for the next FIFA 2022, and its vision 2030 the country’s economic performance leaves no one indifferent. Open, competent, the local economy recovered in 2018 with 2.1% growth, attracting foreign investors. This growth arouses admiration, but above all the creation of jobs for expatriates and locals. Last but not least, Qatar has remained one of the wealthiest countries to this day.
Local labor market

After unexpected feuds with neighboring countries, Qatar has focused on improving its labor market, including meeting its needs for skilled professionals. To do this, the local government and the Qatari private sector have gradually implemented various programs and training courses in order to improve the performance, skills and specialize local employees according to their sector of origin. This method has been called “Qatariization”.

Recently, Qatar also fundamentally reshaped its Kafala system by allowing migrant workers to freely change employers. And for the very first time in the Middle East, he arrogated a non-discriminatory minimum wage for all profiles of workers. This will make Qatar a free labor market from the first quarter of 2020.
Working hours in Doha

The hours depend on the sectors. For example, civil servants normally work from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. while employees in the private sector work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Other companies practice staggered working hours, especially when the company has to open for 16 hours a day.

Usually the work week is 40 to 48 hours with two days off. As for paid annual leave, it is 21 working days per year.
Finding a job in Doha

Doha being a multicultural city and open to expatriates, it is easy as a foreigner to find a job there, provided of course you have the required qualifications.

Regarding the job search itself, you can rely on recruitment agencies in your own country, search for ads on professional social networks such as LinkedIn, browse the websites of companies that interest you or even get recommended. by members of your family or friends on site.

The prestigious vision 2030

Qatar National Vision 2030 is a development plan launched in October 2008 by the General Secretariat for Development Planning in the State of Qatar. The aim of QNV 2030 is to “transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development” by 2030.

Qatar National Vision 2030’s strategies are devised to address the challenges presented in previous human development reports published by the General Secretariat for Development Planning. The first human development report was compiled in 2006; it highlighted the potential challenges and downfalls that could beset the country if left unabated. The challenges ranged from a long-term demographic imbalance to loss of cultural heritage. This report would consequently serve as the foundation the National Development Strategy 2010–2015.

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