Medicare Solutions Jobs

Medicare Solutions Jobs

About Medicare Solutions 

Medicare solutions is a Qatar based dedicated provider of products and services to the medical, diagnostic, education, and food industries of the Middle East, both in the private and public sector. Their emphasis starts from the sales of laboratory equipment, reagents, and consumables; hospital equipment and accessories; quality control types of equipment and products for the food industries; setting up of new laboratory infrastructures and redesigning and modification of the existing laboratories; a complete range of equipment service facilities for the medical industries, etc.

Medicare solutions provide the ultra-modern technologies available in the field of medical sciences for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, veterinary clinics/research labs, and analytical testing Equipment. their teams of qualified service engineers and technicians are available to assist the healthcare industry in a wide range of maintenance requirements.

Jobs in Medicare

  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Medical Engineers
  • Medical Technicians
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Supervisors
  • And more…

How to apply for vacancies in Medicare

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