Learn Arabic in Qatar, increase your chances of finding a job

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Learn Arabic in Qatar

Learn Arabic in Qatar to increase your chances of finding a job

It’s difficult to apply for a well-paid job in Qatar without knowing the country’s language, namely Arabic. Of course, having a very good level of English is a real plus, and may be sufficient in some companies. But to progress in a society, and to land big contracts, the advantages of the Arabic language are undeniable.

For those who do not speak it yet, do not panic: it is possible to study Arabic in Qatar, French and Qatari local institutes have set up courses for all levels which therefore allow you to learn the Arabic language at abroad. Another solution: go ahead for an enhanced language study trip, and apply for the job of your dreams once you have mastered the Arabic language.

Are you French ? Learn Arabic in Qatar in 2020

The French cultural center is now called the French Institute of Qatar. For those looking for it, it is necessary to go to the district of West Bay. If its purpose is above all to make French culture known abroad, it also allows French people who so wish to learn Arabic to facilitate their integration in Qatar.

Learn Arabic in Qatar with the help of the French Institute

Classes are given by semester, so you have to register in advance to start a session, the first of the year being in September. Anyone can register for courses in Arabic at the Institut Français, and thus learn to read, write and manage in Arabic in everyday life.

Classes are not every day, but only twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, in the early evening, for 2 hours. Those who work can thus go to learn Arabic after work, without affecting their availability for work.

The learning takes place in small groups of 10 people, which makes it possible to be able to participate in the oral. It is also an opportunity to meet other French people in Doha, and thus to broaden your network of acquaintances, which may why not lead to professional opportunities.

Learn Arabic in Qatar, how much does it cost ?

The courses are not free, that’s normal. It will cost QR 2,800 each quarter, knowing that the institute is responsible for providing the educational material necessary for learning the language.

The official state body for learning Arabic in Qatar: FANAR

The Fanar is the Islamic cultural center of Doha. Its mission is to help those who are not Arabs to better understand Islam. It is a government organization very active in promoting the Arabic language.

You can take courses in Arabic for all levels, so those who already speak the language can improve their skills. The first level concerns the everyday language which will allow you to get by in everyday life. With level 1, you start to write Arabic, level 2 allows you to speak it better, and so on up to level 5.

Speaking Arabic is important when you want to live and work in Qatar. Remember that there are more and more applicants for expatriation, which means that the competition for the right positions is important. Better to put all the assets on your side to get the job of your dreams, and speaking Arabic is a big plus.

Learn Arabic in Qatar Online:

Nowadays, Youtube is considered is one of the most powerful platform to enhance your skills and why not, learning a new language that will help you to be familiar with a foreign language.

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, learning Arabic helps to increase your change of finding a great job opportunity in Qatar. Here is one of the best Youtube Channels that can help you to improve your level of Arabic and learning more specific Qatari local dialect as well.