Computer scientist in Qatar, the important diplomas to get hired in 2020

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Computer scientist in Qatar

Computer scientist in Qatar, the necessary diplomas to get hired

Some sectors are not experiencing the crisis in Qatar more than elsewhere in the world, and among them IT comes in pole position. Working in IT in Qatar is a dream for many young people, and the salaries offered in Doha have to have something to do with it. The country needs talent in order to develop and continue its investment policy in all sectors of the future.

For this, the companies of Qatar are putting the means to poach computer scientists evolving in India, Europe or the United States, a bit like recently, Qatar was able to do it to attract the best football players to PSG. Qatar has understood that to have the best, you have to invest, and this applies in sport as in other professions, such as IT for example.

“Classic” diplomas for a Computer scientist in Qatar

Of course, nothing can replace experience, in development for example, and this applies to Qatar as it does to all Gulf countries. For French people who would like to work in IT in Qatar, traditional training is the most popular, including the famous Bachelor’s degree in IT, of the DUT or BTS type.

For those who are more specialized in databases, with a year of additional training for example, applying for the jobs offered in Qatar will be easier. For all IT developers and multimedia developers, companies primarily recruit engineers (bac + 5).

Can one work as a Computer scientist in Qatar without diplomas?

IT is a business sector where it is possible to work without diplomas. You just need to know how to train, and make upgrades, important or not, to reach the level of performance requested by employers. It is thus possible to work in the professions of: programmer, and computer maintenance technician.

And in terms of administrative formalities for a Computer scientist in Qatar?

As with any job in Qatar, certain conditions must be met in order to be able to exercise one’s activity on Qatari soil. Thus, we will not talk about a work visa, but rather a contract in good and due form, as well as the moral guarantee of his company or of an inhabitant of the country, a kind of sponsor guaranteeing the country the good conduct of his godson.

The work permit is another mandatory and necessary document before starting a new activity in Doha or in other cities of the country. While it is in principle easily issued to those who have just found a job in Qatar, the fact of having applied, and of having been accepted for a job as an IT specialist, for example, does not necessarily give the right to a work permit.

Qatari state, important conditions for a Computer scientist in Qatar

They are added to that, like the obligatory medical examination, as well as a clean criminal record. Often, when candidates apply for vacancies in Qatar, they will have to provide, in addition to the CV and cover letter in extract from their criminal record, in the same way as is required in France to apply in the administration. Nothing exceptional about this, but it is better to know this before taking steps to radically change your life.

Computer scientist in Qatar, the necessary diplomas to get hired