Accommodation in Doha: The best real estate guide for new expatriates

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Accommodation in Doha

Accommodation in Doha: the real estate guide for new expatriates

The issue of housing remains the thorniest when it comes to wanting to work abroad, and in Qatar in particular. Renting an apartment in Doha could have turned out to be complicated, the price of rents being related to the standard of living there, even more so when it comes to finding a furnished apartment.

For a new expatriate worker, or in the process of being, the best thing is still to go through a real estate agency in Qatar, able to understand the real estate market in Doha in the best possible conditions. Fortunately, for many, it is the employer who will house the employee.

Finding accommodation in Doha

Accommodation in Doha
Accommodation in Doha

Whether or not you benefit from having your accommodation paid for by your employer, staying in Qatar costs money, luckily the salaries there are good. The country is full of luxury accommodation options, but a few of them are cheap. And before finding work in Doha, you have to find a place to stay.

Accommodation in Doha, where to stay?

For the one who has just arrived, and by the time everything is set up, the hotel is still the best solution. There are a lot of palaces in Doha, but for smaller budgets, a 3 star will do (which is not bad). Anyway, hard to find anything less than 100 euros a night.

Accommodation in Doha for a slightly longer stay

Finding an apartment is still recommended. But Doha is at the level of the major European capitals, in particular because of the strong demand from expatriates. A 3 piece at 2000 euros is part of the normal standard. The bad news for someone who is not supported by their employer remains the guarantee deposit, sometimes up to a year of rent to be paid in advance …

For the wealthy, there are a few beautiful villas to rent in Doha, and for the less fortunate a few campsites. Our advice: make sure the house is well air conditioned, otherwise it will be difficult to get to sleep. The intermediate solution remains the Compound, which includes several villas with caretaker. Again, there are all price categories.

Accommodation in Doha, Good deals

Finding a cheap room in Doha is a bit of an obstacle course. You don’t always think about it, but booking a room with a local saves you a lot of money and allows you to blend in with Qatari life by living their life alongside them. A private room in Doha costs between 50 and 100 euros a night, which can allow you to make your mark before settling in an apartment permanently, and waiting to find the right deal.

Is it possible to buy an accommodation in Doha ?

A foreigner is limited to buying in Qatar, unless the property is on “the pearl” island or in West Lagoon, but the checkbook will have to be pulled out. Elsewhere, it is not possible for a foreigner to buy, but to rent, for 99 years, much like in England in certain places belonging to the Queen. For couples with children, it is recommended to find accommodation near the two French high schools, Bonaparte and Voltaire.